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         Lauren Buric

Pugs Barret Bailey preparing for 2016 Golden Gloves

3/09/2016 - Woodstock Independent article -Baret Bailey & the 2016 Chicago Golden Gloves

5/25/12 - Patch Article. "Contender's First Boxing Coach Paints a Picture", Dobry Commissioned to do Portrait of Pug's Alumni, Mike Lee

5/26/12 - Chicago Tribune Article: 'On The Canvas', Dobry's Portrait of Mike Lee

        Jenn Jacobs


5/25/12 - Pug's Owner & Head Trainer, Gary Dobry showing new work @ Packer Schopf in Chicago

5/16/12 - PR - Gary Dobry @ Packer Schopf Gallery : June 1st thru July 7th, 2012

Pugs Asst Trainer Jeff Lanas vs Roberto Duran

5/12/12 - Chicago Tribune article: Pug's Boxing Club's Head Trainer, Gary Dobry, Exhibiting New Paintings at the Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago, June 1 - July 7, 2012

Pug's Hall-of-Famer, Ricky Lanas vs. Montell Griffin

3/8/12 - Pug's Chris Hill Moves on to the Semi-Finals in the 2012 Chicago Golden Gloves

1/29/12 - Pug's  Prospect Chris Hill Victorious at University Club

Pugs' CutMan Lorenzo Meyer & James 'Lights-Out' Toney

11/17/11 - Chicago Tribune - Smokin' Joe Frazier and Pug's Boxing Club @ The School of Hard Knocks

10/26/11 - Chicago Tribune - Youth Boxing at the School of Hard Knocks

139lb Chicago Silver Glove Champion Deon Johnson sparring w/ Crusierweight contender Dimar Ortuz

10/19/11 - Patch Article -Pug's High-Schooler a Wrestler who Boxes

9/26/11 - Northern Illinois University will host guest artist Gary Dobry, Head Trainer @ Pug's Boxing Club, whose work is currently on display @ The Jack Olson Gallery in the show "Inked". Dobry will speak on Monday, September 26, at 5:00pm

Pug Hall-of-Famer, current light-heavyweight contender, Mike Lee

9/7/11 - Patch Article - Cary-Grove's Chris Hill Stands Out at Pug’s Boxing Club - Click here for article

8/29/11 - Pugs' Boxing Club's Head Trainer, Gary Dobry, will exhibit some of his paintings in 'Inked: Tattoo Imagery in Contemporary Art' @ Northern Illinos University. Read article by clicking here

 Pugs' Head Trainer, Gary Dobry

6/9/11 - Chicago Tribune article, "Two Heavyweights Show Their Canvases". Pug's Head Trainer Gary Dobry exhibits new work with blues legend Bumble-Bee Bob Novak at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago

        Lauren Buric

11/6/10 - Chicago Tribune article, "Life After Ed Paschke and Henry Miller, Solo Exhibition, Gary Dobry, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, 11/19-12/14/10

6/1/10 - " Mother and daughter spend quality time together at a boxing gym in Crystal Lake

3/25/10 - Pugs' Hall-of-Famer, Jeff Lanas meets-up with his old nemisis, Roberto Duran

The Castro Brothers, Pug's 7 & 12 yr. old Jr. prospects    

1/13/10 -"She Stays Trim with the Help of a Boxer's Workout", Chicago Fitness Examiner

12/08/09 - Pugs' Boxing team starts training for 2010 Chicago Golden Gloves

8/15/08 - NW Herald; Dobry Opens New Gym in Crystal Lake!

WBC Lightweight Champ David Diaz &  Bill Heglin

3/15/06 - Chicago Tribune; Obed Sullivan on Comeback trail

2/27/06 - Dobry signs deal to train former NABF & IBF heavyweight champ OBED SULLIVAN

 Pugs' Hall-of-Famer Jose Hernandez

11/19/05 - Where did Olin Kreutz learn to punch like that?

11/16/05 -Chicago Tribune article - Kreutz boxing coach steps up


Trainer Tony Prignits & Pug's Prospect Chris Hill (2012)    

Pugs' Hall-of-Famer, Golden Glove Champ, John Venesanakos


         Jose & Tony


   Pugs' Hall-of-Famer, Rick Lanas

  Pugs' owner Gary Dobry (r)
  Buzz Kilman, Radio Legend (l) 

Pugs' Cut-Man Extraordinaire, Lorenzo Meyer (cornering  in Smokin' Joe Frazier's last fight vs. Jumbo Cummings)

   (l) Pugs' Hillary Slater

  Dobry & Danny Bonaduce

Jimmy Younan, Danny Bonaduce, Gary Kruse, Pat Gavin & Pug's owner, Gary Dobry

Pugs' Owner Gary Dobry (l)& Gary Kruse (r)



       Kingdom Come
        by Gary Dobry



                          WHAT'S NEW? (cont'd)

11/02/11 - DAILY HERALD article

article & more pics, CLICK HERE


'The Garden I Tend', 30" X 40", acrylic on canvas, 2012, Gary Dobry

Read Article @:

9/26/11 - Dobry will be Guest Artist @ N.I.U.


Northern Illinois University will host guest artist Gary Dobry whose work is currently on display @ The Jack Olson Gallery in the show "Inked". Dobry will speak on Monday, September 26, at 5:00pm. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Gary Dobry


READ ARTICLE: http://tinyurl.com/cmypp5s

9/13/2011 - Patch Article

Boxing Coach to Lecture at NIU on the Art of Tattoos

Gary Dobry, owner of the School of Hard Knocks, will talk about boxing, his paintings and tattoos at an art gallery in DeKalb.

Gary Dobry

There are two Gary Dobrys: the boxing coach and the artist.

When he’s teaching a boxing class — with the “ding” of the automatic round counter sounding and people shadowboxing in front of mirrors at The School of Hard Knocks in Crystal Lake — Dobry speaks crudely, hollering at his pupils, telling them to keep their hands up and to throw more jabs.  

But he is soft-spoken and careful when talking about art. And his take on tattoos as art may make you dizzy, like a stroll down Queer Street, a term in boxing that connotes an out-of-body experience caused by a Sunday punch. 

“A tattoo is literally you wearing your heart on your sleeve,” Dobry said. “It’s like when scientists beam messages into outer space, hoping for a response, for just a trace of humanity. A tattoo is a visual message, meant to elicit a response.

“From the time cavemen first painted images on the wall, it’s always been about one’s need to get some sort of response.”

During a lecture at Northern Illinois University later this month, Dobry will specifically focus on the kinds of tattoos found on boxers. Dobry said a boxer is likely to get a tattoo after a big ring loss, after he gets clobbered. Look at Mike Tyson, he said.

Gary Dobry

Dobry has two tattoos, one on each of the beefy upper portions of his arms. They are renderings of boxers striking the classic pose: one the devil, with horns, a pointy tail and on fire, and the other an angel, with a halo.

Ask Dobry to explain his own tattoos, and he is vague and evasive, in an artistic way. He wants you to figure it out for yourself, for he believes there is a relationship between the viewer and the artwork totally apart from the artist.  

Dobry, a few years ago, worked as a part-time tattoo artist, as an apprentice under Ernie Gonzales at Fox Lake’s Electric Art Tattoo.

“I was never as good with a tattoo machine as I am with a paint brush,” Dobry said. “Ernie taught me a lot. I wanted to grow as an artist. Ernie gave me that chance.” 

Last year a show focusing on tattoos was well received at NIU so the university decided to have another, said Peter Van Ael, coordinator for the art gallery and museum studies program at NIU.  

“Gary does it very well,” said Van Ael, commenting on why Dobry was one of a handful of artists asked to the show. The exhibit is called “Inked: Tattoo Imagery in Contemporary Art,” which runs through Oct. 13, according to NIU Today.

A reception for artists is planned from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Sept. 22 at Northern Illinois University’s Jack Olson Gallery, at the School of Art, 200 Visual Arts Building, DeKalb.

Dobry will be lecturing from 5 to 6 p.m. Sept. 26.

Dobry vs. National Golden Gloves semi-finalist, Ruperto Chavez

Click HERE to read article

FEBRUARY 22, 2011 - Examiner Article

Crystal Lake boxing coach, British historian to discuss granddad, Jack Johnson

Read Article: Click Here

3/25/10 Fitness Examiner

Pug's Hall-of-Famer, Jeff Lanas, meets-up again with his nemesis, Roberto Duran

Duran vs. Lanas: Former foes are all smiles at a get-together in Rosemont over the weekend

ormer Chicago Golden Glove champ Jeff Lanas met up with legendary boxer Robert Duran at the Rosemont Convention Center over the weekend.


Jeff Lanas v. Roberto Duran



Chris Hill & Pug's Asst. Trainer, Tony Prignits

READ ARTICLE: http://tinyurl.com/6wdg2h

March 2010 - Examiner Article

Concrete contractor seldom misses a workout at the boxing gym

Gary Klatt @ Hard Knocks

READ ARTICLE, Click Here: http://tinyurl.com/bsvo3ky

1/13/10: Chicago Fitness Examiner article

By Tim Kane

She stays trim with the help of a boxer's workout

READ ARTICLE: http://tinyurl.com/8xulrfh

1/07/10: Chicago Tribune article

6/7/2010 : Chicago Tribune article

article about current exhibition of Pug's Head Trainer, Gary Dobry's, recent paintings

January, 2009

Dobry included in David Scott & Roger Conover's new book, 'The Art and Aesthetics of Boxing'

"This more recent tradition, in which the realist and the caricatural meet, was continued, as we see in chapter 5, in the work of George Bellows and is also visible in other artists of the late nineteenth and early twentith century period, for example, the early watercolors and pen and ink sketches of Jack B. Yeats (1871-1957). It is also continued to the present day in the work of contemporary artists such as Sergei Chepik (b. 1953) and the ex-boxer Gary Dobry."  (page 149)

The Art and Aesthetics of Boxing

By David Scott, Roger Conover

What separates the chaos of fighting from the coherent ritual of boxing? According to author David Scott, it is a collection of aesthetic constructions, including the shape of the ring, the predictable rhythm of timed rounds, the uniformity of the boxers’ glamorous attire, and the stylization of the combatants’ posture and punches. In The Art and Aesthetics of Boxing, Scott explores the ways in which these and other aesthetic elements of the sport have evolved over time. Scott comprehensively addresses the rich dialogue between boxing and the arts, suggesting that boxing not only possesses intrinsic aesthetic qualities but also has inspired painters, graphic designers, surrealist poets, and modern writers to identify, expand, and respond to the aesthetic properties of the sport. Divided into three parts, the book moves from a consideration of the evolution and intrinsic aesthetics of boxing to the responses to the sport by cubist and futurist painters and sculptors, installation artists, poster designers, photographers, and, finally, surrealist poets and modernist writers. With distinctive illustrations and photographs in nine short chapters, Scott creates a visual as well as a textual narrative that supplements and concretely demonstrates the deep, dynamic relationship between the art of boxing and the world of art and literature.

The Art and Aesthetics of Boxing
By David Scott, Roger Conover
Contributor Roger Conover
Edition: illustrated
Published by U of Nebraska Press, 2009
ISBN 0803213867, 9780803213869

4/25/06 :  Olin Kreutz training w/ Pug's owner Gary Dobry

Chicago Bear's All-Pro Center Olin Kreutz back in training developing his hand-speed with

Pug's owner Gary Dobry

3/15/06:  Chicago Tribune


2/27/06: Dobry training Obed Sullivan

Gary Dobry signs contract to train former NABF

and IBF Heavyweight Champion Obed Sullivan. Obed fought Vitali Klitschko for the WBO belt in 1999.

The Freckled Spectacle * Danny Bonaduce vs. Pat Gavin

                            MAIN EVENT * PUG'S BOXING GYM * PALATINE


  (l) to (r): Jimmy Younan, Danny Bonaduce, Referee: Gary Kruse, Pat Gavin, Gary Dobry

11/19/05: Northwest Herald



Pug's also offer's it's members the latest in weights and cardio-vascular amenities!

Free Weights & Machines

Pug's Weight Room is equipped with a full range of benches, squat racks, Cable-Cross Over Machines, Pec-Decs, Lat-Machines, Leg Presses, Hack Squat Machines, etc., as well as tons of Olympic plates, bar-bells & dumb-bells.

Pug's Owner Gary Dobry, besides Boxing, competed in numerous BodyBuilding competitions and knows what makes a good weight-room.


Cardio-Vascular Amenities

Pug's gym also offers members the very latest in cardio-vascular amenities including tread-mills, steppers and equilibrium machines.



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