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         Lauren Buric

Pugs Barret Bailey preparing for 2016 Golden Gloves

3/09/2016 - Woodstock Independent article -Baret Bailey & the 2016 Chicago Golden Gloves

5/25/12 - Patch Article. "Contender's First Boxing Coach Paints a Picture", Dobry Commissioned to do Portrait of Pug's Alumni, Mike Lee

5/26/12 - Chicago Tribune Article: 'On The Canvas', Dobry's Portrait of Mike Lee

        Jenn Jacobs


5/25/12 - Pug's Owner & Head Trainer, Gary Dobry showing new work @ Packer Schopf in Chicago

5/16/12 - PR - Gary Dobry @ Packer Schopf Gallery : June 1st thru July 7th, 2012

Pugs Asst Trainer Jeff Lanas vs Roberto Duran

5/12/12 - Chicago Tribune article: Pug's Boxing Club's Head Trainer, Gary Dobry, Exhibiting New Paintings at the Packer Schopf Gallery in Chicago, June 1 - July 7, 2012

Pug's Hall-of-Famer, Ricky Lanas vs. Montell Griffin

3/8/12 - Pug's Chris Hill Moves on to the Semi-Finals in the 2012 Chicago Golden Gloves

1/29/12 - Pug's  Prospect Chris Hill Victorious at University Club

Pugs' CutMan Lorenzo Meyer & James 'Lights-Out' Toney

11/17/11 - Chicago Tribune - Smokin' Joe Frazier and Pug's Boxing Club @ The School of Hard Knocks

10/26/11 - Chicago Tribune - Youth Boxing at the School of Hard Knocks

139lb Chicago Silver Glove Champion Deon Johnson sparring w/ Crusierweight contender Dimar Ortuz

10/19/11 - Patch Article -Pug's High-Schooler a Wrestler who Boxes

9/26/11 - Northern Illinois University will host guest artist Gary Dobry, Head Trainer @ Pug's Boxing Club, whose work is currently on display @ The Jack Olson Gallery in the show "Inked". Dobry will speak on Monday, September 26, at 5:00pm

Pug Hall-of-Famer, current light-heavyweight contender, Mike Lee

9/7/11 - Patch Article - Cary-Grove's Chris Hill Stands Out at Pug’s Boxing Club - Click here for article

8/29/11 - Pugs' Boxing Club's Head Trainer, Gary Dobry, will exhibit some of his paintings in 'Inked: Tattoo Imagery in Contemporary Art' @ Northern Illinos University. Read article by clicking here

 Pugs' Head Trainer, Gary Dobry

6/9/11 - Chicago Tribune article, "Two Heavyweights Show Their Canvases". Pug's Head Trainer Gary Dobry exhibits new work with blues legend Bumble-Bee Bob Novak at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago

        Lauren Buric

11/6/10 - Chicago Tribune article, "Life After Ed Paschke and Henry Miller, Solo Exhibition, Gary Dobry, Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, 11/19-12/14/10

6/1/10 - " Mother and daughter spend quality time together at a boxing gym in Crystal Lake

3/25/10 - Pugs' Hall-of-Famer, Jeff Lanas meets-up with his old nemisis, Roberto Duran

The Castro Brothers, Pug's 7 & 12 yr. old Jr. prospects    

1/13/10 -"She Stays Trim with the Help of a Boxer's Workout", Chicago Fitness Examiner

12/08/09 - Pugs' Boxing team starts training for 2010 Chicago Golden Gloves

8/15/08 - NW Herald; Dobry Opens New Gym in Crystal Lake!

WBC Lightweight Champ David Diaz &  Bill Heglin

3/15/06 - Chicago Tribune; Obed Sullivan on Comeback trail

2/27/06 - Dobry signs deal to train former NABF & IBF heavyweight champ OBED SULLIVAN

 Pugs' Hall-of-Famer Jose Hernandez

11/19/05 - Where did Olin Kreutz learn to punch like that?

11/16/05 -Chicago Tribune article - Kreutz boxing coach steps up


Trainer Tony Prignits & Pug's Prospect Chris Hill (2012)    

Pugs' Hall-of-Famer, Golden Glove Champ, John Venesanakos


         Jose & Tony


   Pugs' Hall-of-Famer, Rick Lanas

  Pugs' owner Gary Dobry (r)
  Buzz Kilman, Radio Legend (l) 

Pugs' Cut-Man Extraordinaire, Lorenzo Meyer (cornering  in Smokin' Joe Frazier's last fight vs. Jumbo Cummings)

   (l) Pugs' Hillary Slater

  Dobry & Danny Bonaduce

Jimmy Younan, Danny Bonaduce, Gary Kruse, Pat Gavin & Pug's owner, Gary Dobry

Pugs' Owner Gary Dobry (l)& Gary Kruse (r)



       Kingdom Come
        by Gary Dobry







         YOUTH BOXING (Ages 6 - 17)

Pug's Boxing Club's head trainer Gary Dobry has been training youth boxers since 1994. Current light-heavyweight contender Mike Lee and Raven's safety Tommy Zbikowski are both products of the Youth Program at Pug's Boxing Club at the School of Hard Knocks. Call us @ 815 356 6572 for more info!

  Light-Heavyweight contender Mike Lee & Raven's safety Tommy Zbikowski were both trained by Pug's head trainer Gary Dobry and are products of the Youth Program at Pug's Boxing Club at The School of Hard Knocks

    Pug's prospect Jimmy Gustafson & Tony Prignits

9/7/2011 - Patch Article

Cary-Grove's Chris Hill Stands Out at Pug’s Boxing Club

The senior at Cary-Grove High School is in the gym six days a week.

Of the young group of boxers training at The School of Hard Knocks in Crystal Lake, one kid from Cary sticks out and will likely have his first sanctioned amateur bout sometime this fall. 

Gary Dobry, head coach of Pug’s Boxing Club, said Chris Hill, a 17-year-old senior at Cary-Grove High School, is among his most dedicated pupils.

“The most important thing for a boxer is his work ethic,” Dobry said. “Guys like Chris Hill are rare. He’s always in the gym.”

Dobry added that Hill keeps his hands up and has good form.

Hill spent Sunday morning sparring several rounds with Bill Briska, a 16-year-old who attends Crystal Lake South High School.

Hill and Briska took turns exchanging the classic orthodox 1-2-3 combination, which consists of the jab, cross and hook.

Hill's friend Spencer Kube first brought him to the gym about two years ago. 

Spencer is the younger brother of Alex Kube, a standout player at Cary-Grove High School who recently finished up his college football career at Northern Illinois University.

Hill said his ring idol is Ricky Hatton.  But he doesn’t see himself ever becoming a professional fighter.

“I box to stay in shape,” Hill said, “to stay active.”

Hill aspires to become a psychologist and would like to go to a university with a boxing club, such as Northern Michigan or Southern Illinois, so he can continue training.

Click HERE for article

Pug's Boxing Team adds Veteran Trainer Tony Prignits to Training Staff 

  Tony Prignits @ Hard Knocks

Pug's Boxing Club welcomes British veteran boxing trainer Tony Prignits to the Pug's Boxing Team training staff. Head trainer, and Hard Knocks' owner, Gary Dobry says, "Tony has trained me personally for years and that relationship eventually evolved into Tony helping me work some of my own fighters. I'm big on technical skills, turning out 'technicians'. Tony is that old-school, Jake LaMotta-type of trainer that motivates fighters to be finishers, punishers. He's the proverbial "Mick" type of trainer of Rocky fame. Tony helps me produce well-conditioned wrecking machines that can get the job done. I soon realized that the marriage of our training approaches was producing
well-schooled fighters that were finishers as well." Pug's members can get 3 months of training with Tony and the Pug's Boxing Club for only $150. Non-members can get 3-months of competitive training with Dobry and Tony for $299. Call us for more details: 815 356 6572




Email Gary @: pugsgym@aol.com

Owner/Operator & Head Trainer, Gary Dobry    

2003 15yr old Open Illinois Heavyweight Silver Gloves Champion, Derek Piton






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